our Patients are talking about stand tall physical therapy!

"I have had five spine surgeries and one shoulder surgery and have had physical therapy after each one and none of the other therapies compare to the quality, intensity and time STAND TALL therapists work with you."
Theresa – October 2010

"Thank you for all you have done in helping me return to a normal lifestyle. You all are the best! "
Torrey – April 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions. The help I received gave me amazing results. My pain subsided a great deal ."
Lois – May 2011

"I have had two total hip replacements and two total knee replacements so I have had many physical therapists. I am now being treated for spine surgery and Kirsten at Stand Tall Physical Therapy is by far the best therapist I have ever had. She is kind, considerate, compassionate; yet very firm. She expects you to do what she advises and helps you to achieve your goals. Her equipment is very innovative and modern. Her “hands on” therapy is excellent."
Betty – August 2007

"Kirsten is the best physical therapist I've had. She provides tremendous personal attention and will even spend extra time, truly trying to help you."
Beverly – September 2010

"Excellent experience, marked improvement in neck, posture, breating, stature"
Sally – April 2010

"Kirsten is very knowledgeable. She is different from other therapists; more engaged and hands-on.
Ellen – March 2009

"I have learned a lot about the proper way to move. . ."
Ilona – December 2008

"If it wasn't for the help I received at STAND TALL, I wouldn't be walking correctly.
Suzie – March 2011

"THE BEST EVER! This is the only place that has helped me in the past 8 years. A+ "
Marcia – May 2011

"It was a great place to get better, LC did good!"
Alan – October 2009

"Very pleased with my therapist and the personal interest she took in my problem."
Gerard – October 2008

"Kirsten and her staff are wonderful and have helped me considerably! The office mascot, Lucy,
is wonderful too
Cathleen – August 2008

"I have Parkinson’s Disease and this therapy has given me new hope."
Clifford – April 2008

"I love the personal attention and the professionalism of STAND TALL and the personnel.
Suzanne – January 2011

"Stand Tall has the most up to date equipment that I have seen and Kirsten Sverdrup Robinson is the most thorough and skilled therapist."
Suzanne – September 2007